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Latest advances in home automation

Home automation is  advancing at such a frenetic pace that it is almost impossible to attend to all the new developments that arise, but what we can say is that this technology that tries to improve our lives is increasingly present in homes. In fact, the forecast figures indicate that within three years about 200 million homes around the world will have some device of this type. It will cease to be the luxury of a few to be a generalized option. techwadia

Home automation: latest advances

Although, as we say, home automation advances very quickly, we have made a selection of the latest technologies that we liked the most:

             A robot that cooks, collects and cleans : The chef of Moley Robotics is a robot that has articulated arms with which it performs those tasks that we hate so much. And it is that it not only helps you cook; Once the task is finished, he collects everything that has been used and leaves the kitchen clean. Who wouldn't want to have one like that in their home?

             A speaker for the house : Through the Apple Music service and with the help of Siri, HomePod is the music speaker for the house. The wizard also offers additional information about what is being listened to. And, of course, it also has all the Siri functions.

             The gadget that controls the cost of electricity : As is the electricity bill, any help to reduce it is always welcome. And that is what TP Link Smart Plug offers us, an adapter for only 35 euros. Installing it in the sockets of appliances such as the boiler, supposes a significant saving when going from having hot water 24 hours a day to using it only when we are going to use it.

             Surround Sound Blankets for Sleeping : For those in need of an urgent dose of quality sleep , comes Nightingale, a system that reproduces layers of pleasant sounds. Analyze the acoustics of the bedroom and other aspects, such as noise from the street or that caused by snoring. The system collects all this information and returns it in the form of sounds that our brain receives as "pleasant" and that are capable of covering up the unpleasant ones.

             Floating Cup and Glasses : When you see these items, you'll have to rub your eyes to return from the future, but in reality, floating glasses, cups and plates are now a thing of the present and, in fact, they can be purchased. Its cheapest container - the cocktail glass - has a price of 45 euros. What's the trick? A floating liquid adheres to the base of the container thanks to the electromagnetic suspension. That is, there is an alteration in the magnetic field constantly through electromagnets, for which the base is also needed. The truth is that its usefulness is zero, but aesthetically it is most fascinating.

             The smart trash : GeniCan, a Wi-Fi accessory, scans the barcodes of the products we throw away to create a shopping list with everything it knows we have run out of. For now, it only works in the United States, but with the intention of launching it to more countries and in other languages.

             Sunset at any time of day : Philips Hue bulbs connected to the app are able to analyze the light from a sunset photo and reproduce it at home. But not only that, they will also make the light in your house turn on only if there is someone in the room, or that the intensity of them can be adjusted to our liking.

             Odor-free refrigerator : Next to this Samsung refrigerator, the home remedy of baking soda in the refrigerator to eliminate bad odors sounds as archaic as the Pleistocene. And it is that its innovative triple circuit system prevents the odors of different foods from mixing. In addition, it has a temperature configurator so that all food is kept in the most optimal conditions. Also, bear in mind that the MAPFRE Home Insurance coverage  is adapted to the times, so smart appliances are also protected.

Home automation

One thing is the technologies that fascinate us the most, and another are those that should exist in a home to facilitate our daily life. If you are considering allying with home automation, this is what you should include in your home:

             A voice assistant: Through it we can manage the actions we want to carry out in our house (turn lights off and on, close the blinds, open the door…). We give the order with our voice and, thanks to a mobile app, it becomes a reality. In addition, the latest devices have an AutoLearn function: they learn from our tastes and habits to anticipate our wishes.

             A matter of security : Now, the cameras not only record what happens inside our house, but through the Wi-Fi network they allow us to see what is happening in real time, as well as manage certain functions from a distance. And if we are at home, this video surveillance system memorizes our habits to discern if the movements it detects through its detectors is normal or not.

             Electronic locks : apart from the system for opening and closing windows and doors via Bluetooth, electronic locks will increase the security of the home, since it will inform us of how many times it has been opened or if it has been left improperly closed. In addition, it has mechanisms to access through codes, our fingerprint or simply with the mobile.

How to automate my home?

One of the main objections when converting our home to home automation is the installation  of these devices. The ideal is to automate the house at the time of its construction , but if we have not done so, it is not necessary to tear it down to start over. The installation of some devices is simpler than all that. It is only necessary to have a computer and several sensors behind the sockets to, for example, regulate the light.

Home automation is scalable, that is, we can start with the light sensors and go up steps little by little according to our needs. Presence detectors are easy to install and lead to significant savings on your electricity bill. The same goes for security systems, the installation of automated irrigation, etc. The key is to know what we want home automation to do for us. And from there, everything is possible.