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How to choose your mobile number

There are many reason for wanting to have a specific phone number, from personal to professional. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you are going to create a business, choosing a simple and attractive mobile number will make it easily remembered by future customers.

Choosing the mobile number, is it possible?

We all prefer to have a phone number that is easy to remember and, unless we are lucky, getting one of them is usually complicated and, of course, it is not free. To do this, you would have to buy what is known as a “ gold number ”.

Gold numbers are those easily remembered that are divided, according to the repetition of their figures, into three categories: silver , gold and platinum . For example, the most valued numbers would be those whose numbers are all the same, except one or two, such as 606 666 666 or 666 666 654.

Originally, the numbering reserved for mobile phones had many free options, but as might be expected, today the vast majority are busy . In fact, to alleviate this saturation, the CNMV had to grant operators new ranges, making the first number go from 6 to 7.

At that time, there was only one company that allowed you to choose the mobile number: Airtel (which was bought by Vodafone between 2001 and 2003), yes, upon payment. If the registration was around 5,000 pesetas (30 euros), choosing the number you wanted to have meant a total of 10,000 pesetas (60 euros).

With the birth of virtual operators, their clients could choose a number from among all those assigned to them, and if said number was considered gold or platinum , an extra was charged to the client.

However, operators can only offer free numbers from their numbering range . That is, if the number, even if it is free, is from another operator, the first cannot offer it to its customers. That is why, at present, network operators no longer offer this service.

How to get a gold number

The growing demand for these numbers has given rise to the alternative market for reselling attractive numbers, the sale of which takes place in forums and even on specialized pages, which offer them at very different prices depending on how easy it is to remember.


Many users try to get these coveted numbers to put them up for sale through a forum, although there are also those who, without looking for it, have obtained one and take advantage of this situation to get a small income.

For example, in a second-hand sale and purchase portal we can find advertisements from individuals who ask from 30 euros to 6,000 euros for a gold number . Or in forums about mobile telephony, there are usually threads of users who sell or search this type of numbers.

Specialized pages

An example of specialized pages is the company Numbers Gold , the first website in Spain in terms of selling gold numbers .

Its operation is simple: they themselves acquire the most attractive numbers to the various operators and keep them active, assuming the costs that this entails. In this way, they have a wide range of mobile and fixed numbers that they later sell . The fact that they keep the numbers active is a guarantee that they are reliable. In addition, they issue a purchase invoice.

The prices for choosing a gold mobile number on this website vary between 50 and 450 euros , while the platinum (easier to remember) range between 500 and 18,000 euros .

As for the fixed numbering , they range from 350 to 29,000 euros . Even if the number that the client wants is not on the web, Gold Numbers will look for the termination (the last six digits) at a price of 99 euros.

How is a gold number transferred ?

Once one of these numbers is acquired, unless it is a new registration, a change of owner and portability must be made. The normal thing is to make the change of the owner first so that later the buyer can carry out the portability .

If the sale is carried out between individuals, it is important to take all possible precautions, since it is something immaterial before which a payment against reimbursement cannot be made. To make sure that the private seller is trustworthy, it is best to search for it through a forum that allows users to rate the transactions, and see if the seller's track record is good.