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LED bulbs and other interesting lighting options

The International Day of Light is celebrated in tribute to one of the great advances in the history of humanity that has been transcendental in the evolution of the human being. This date was determined by the United Nations Organization thanks to the fact that their contributions have been key in what refers to culture, art and society in general. Marketingmediaweb

So when we talk about light it is essential to refer to LED bulbs , whose appearance has been a before and after in the history of electricity. According to data from last year 2017, these represent more than 50 percent of the total turnover in data that speak of the success and popularity they enjoy, both in Spain and in the rest of the world. Divinebeautytips

And why have LED bulbs won out over traditional ones? Very easy. Everything is related to their great efficiency, since they allow to save 75 percent of energy and are much more sustainable from the environmental point of view since they do not contain mercury (they emit light, not heat). In addition, the durability of these is much greater compared to the traditional ones since they have an average age of 30,000 hours. Techcrunchblog

So these are the main reasons why most of the population and institutions (they are used a lot in public lighting) opt for LED bulbs to put a little light in their life. But, anyway, you can also find other interesting lighting options on the market.

Other lighting options aside from LED bulbs

Energy saving bright bulb : Energy saving light bulbs have been overtaken by the LED boom but they are still highly demanded by people for their homes.

The reason? The investment is somewhat less than LEDs and they also have a high standard of life compared to incandescent ones. Nanobiztech

Philips Hue and smart lighting: When we talk about this type of lighting we refer to the closest to the future. And it is that everything that concerns artificial intelligen ce in light is already a fact and the Philips Hue system praises it at maximum power.  

This type of light bulbs, in addition to having an infinity of colors,  you can synchronize them with the tones of music, movies or video games. Of course, you can also turn them on or off from anywhere in the world. In short, a luxury that in a few years will be a reality in most homes around the world.

Nanoleaf Aurora: This has been one of the highest innovations when it comes to lighting in recent years. Everything consists of a series of rectangular panels that are joined together creating a certain shape and that gives a tone of light previously selected by the person in question. And this can also be selected through voice thanks to artificial intelligence assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

Holi, the smart lamp: The mobile phone and lighting devices will have a great relationship in the future and this is beginning to show in the present. With Holi, comes the new smart lamp made up of a multitude of LED lights , which you can change color when you want. You will simply need to access an application on your Smartphone to change the lighting in your home. As simple as that.

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