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Ironing robots and more inventions that make life easier

Iron, clean and even put the most stubborn baby to sleep. All of them are necessary tasks but that more than one would prefer not to have to do. And for that, to simplify our lives, come these inventions that seem taken from a futuristic movie, the fruit of the most ingenious minds and willing to carry out all kinds of activities for us. Do you want to know what technology has for you?

Effie, the robot that irons for you bolts

Irony is one of the most tedious and thankless tasks in the house, but thanks to Effie, ironing garment by garment has its days numbered (or so we hope).

Effie is actually a kind of plastic wardrobe with a bar inside that can hold up to twelve hangers. On the other hand, it has a container that we must fill with water so that the wonderful robot works and generates steam. Then, thanks to an arm that goes up and down, that steam is distributed from top to bottom through the clothes we have on the hangers, allowing us to rest comfortably on the armchair. It's not a dream?

The robot is capable of ironing almost all kinds of simple garments, such as shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts ... and it works with most fabrics.

But the best of all is that this robot, which for now is just a prototype, can begin to be reserved from March of this year. The price remains to be fixed, but given the benefits it offers and the simplicity of the materials that make it up, it will surely be more than reasonable.

The electric toothbrush that recharges when you move it

Who has not ever been brushing their teeth and suddenly the battery runs out? Then you have to leave it charging and, in the meantime, use a traditional brush. But this will no longer happen thank to this curious and useful project: the brush recharges the battery with the movement of our hand, which is also a commitment to the environment.

Kickstarter, the platform that finances all kinds of creative projects, is the one behind this idea. Unlike other brushes, this one uses kinetic energy maintaining the same speed as conventional electric models, or at least its creators ensure. It is enough to make a couple of turns in its lower part to make it last for a complete brushing.

The idea could not be more successful, except for one detail: and that is that the heads are not universal, so we will always have to buy them from the manufacturer. The projects is in the financing phase, but it is expected to be on sale by the end of the year for no more than fifty dollars.

 Smartduvet, the bed that makes itself

Yes, it is true that making the bed does not take long and does not involve a great effort, but, let's face it: just waking up in the morning is what you least want to do.

And that is what the creators of our next invention that comes to make life easier for us must have weighed: Smartduvet, a project also funded by Kickstarter and that promises to help us in such an arduous mission.

The idea is simple, but very ingenious: it is a quilt inside which a kind of tubes is placed forming a grid. Then you just have to connect a compressor and operate it to pump compressed air and circulate through the tubes. In this way, the bed regains its tidy and extended appearance.

In addition, the mechanism can be activated via mobile phone. Since mid-2018, it can be ordered on the Kickstarter page for around three hundred dollars.

Max Motor Dreams, the cradle that imitates the movement of the car

Those who are parents know what it is like to try to put a child to sleep who refuses to do so. The situation can become very desperate, forcing parents to contrive to carry out all kinds of the most bizarre activities to achieve their goal . One of them, and the one that has the most followers, is giving the child a ride in the car. Perhaps it is because of the engine noise, the swaying in the curves or the dim lights at night, but the truth is that this trick has magical results.

What if they invented the crib to imitate the movements and noises of the car? Well they have. And who is behind it is none other than the car manufacturer Ford, with the collaboration of the Spanish design studio Espada and Santa Cruz. Both have designed a prototype capable of reproducing the same sensations that the baby would have if he were traveling in a car: the movement, the sounds, the lights ... everything calculated down to the last detail. In addition, it includes an option that works through an app on the mobile with which we can save the movements and lights that are, for example, at the grandparents' house, and then reproduce the sensations of that journey in the baby's crib .

In addition to the features, the design of the crib is impeccable: it recalls the lines and shapes of the fifties but with a new and modern air, although what is truly wonderful is what it is capable of doing. There will be more than one father who is crying with emotion when reading these lines, but the bad news is that at the moment only one Max Motor Dreams has been made (this is what the crib is called) and its manufacture is not contemplated in large quantities. scale, although it is not something that has been ruled out either. Touch cross your fingers and wait.

Meanwhile, we have to dream about the inventions that are yet to come and whose mission is to make our lives more comfortable. As the Home Insurance MAPFRE , with coverage and services that offer the best protection for your home.