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Why install automated blinds

It is become more and more common to install automated blinds in the home that allow greater thermal and acoustic insulation than traditional blinds and are more convenient to use and collect.

How the automatic system for blinds works

The automated blinds can be installed on any type of window . Normally, most homes have PVC blinds, but this system also works for aluminum and wooden blinds. computerlg

The automatic control allows the blinds can be collected alone. Of course, before installing this type of system we must know what is the appropriate mechanism for the blind. For this, it will be necessary to take into account its characteristics, the axis and its weight. It is important to know all this so that the motor can lower and raise the blind without problems.

Automated blind mechanisms have a twilight solar function , which allows the blind to be graduated and positioned at a certain height depending on the sun's rays or daylight.

It also has an internal memory and a programmer that maintain the time programming even if the power fails . Other characteristics are that they offer both acoustic and thermal insulation, have simulation of presence in the home and  regulate the slats . appleinfocom

Although automated blinds are modern systems, the truth is that they are still another element of the house that can be damaged, therefore, it is always advisable to have a Mapfre Home Insurance that takes care of these eventualities.

Advantages and disadvantages of automated blinds

One of the main advantages of  automated blinds is that they prevent the entry of heat during the summer and its loss during the winter in the most efficient way. mucommucation

In addition, we can lower and raise the blind using a remote control , without having to get up in case of being in bed or on the sofa. For example, if it rains in the summer and in the middle of the night and we don't want to get up.

If the house is empty, the blinds can simulate our presence , we just have to program when they should be raised and lowered. For example, we can program that they rise when the first rays of sun appear and fall when it begins to get dark or there is a drop in temperatures.  smoothtechi

Its only big drawback is the price . In general, they still far outweigh the cost of a manual blind. And what has not yet been automated is cleaning, so from time to time we will have to follow these cleaning tips.  smarttechnofy